Shifter, Point and click adventure, PC

Shifter is a point and click adventure game that I created for my graduation project at the HKU. It was completely designed and created in Adventure Game Studio and it takes about 50 minutes to fully play through.

The goal of the game is to leave the town. This can be done by impersonating the residents of the game however you can only successfully impersonate them if you gather enough information about them.

The objective of the project was to create a game that took a different approach to exploring a new fictional world, while using my experiences as a casual games designer and my love for old school adventure games to create an accessible and enjoyable gaming experience. The project also shows my all-round variety as a game designer, storyteller, artist and scripter.

Shifter was chosen as game of the month on the adventure game studio website, where it also received a 3/5 star panel rating and a 4/5 star user rating.

Click here to Download Shifter

I’m currently working on a remake of this game; Changeling.