Camouflage, puzzle, mobile

Camouflage is a mobile puzzle game and was released on the google play store in september 205. It’s a unique concept, best described as a hybrid between a simon says, escape the maze and connect-the-dots game.
The goal of the game is to become the correct colour (represented by the flower seat of the chameleon) by dragging the chameleons tongue to the appropriate bugs. Doing so, will make the chameleon eat them and mix their colours together.

Camouflage was aimed at mothers that could enjoy the game with their young kids. It is designed completely without text to enable a wide variety of players to enjoy it regardless of native language or reading skill.

Camouflage was a challenging project to me for several reasons:

  • Camouflage has a unique concept,  this meant it had to be designed from the ground up and tested thoroughly
  • I was responsible for all aspect of this game, except for the majority of the art which was created by Kristel Feye-Overgaauw. I’m originally a game designer and had to learn many new skills to create this game and divide my time appropriately amongst all the different aspects of design, development, marketing and planning.
  • Camouflage was my first project aimed solely at mobile platforms
  • It was my first shipped Unity3d game

Overall, people are positive about the game and enjoy playing it. It is rated 5/5 stars on Google Play, 4/5 on the SlideMe store and has been downloaded across all stores over 2500 times.

eat coloured bugs change colour! Levels get more complex!

I am currently working on updates for this game which will add new methods to keep the player engaged longer and give the player more opportunity to share their success.
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